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About The Communities of Fillmore & Piru

Fillmore & Piru California

Fillmore ( population of 15,002), the unincorporated communities of Piru (population of 4,200) and the surrounding county areas are primarily agricultural with an Hispanic population of over 78%; with 49% being second language learners, and 30% under the age of 18 (Census 2000). They are the two poorest cities in Ventura County with an estimated average per capita income of $11,894. Fewer than 43% of the adults have completed high school. Latino teens represent 35% of the Ventura County’s teen population and have 7% of the county’s teen births (US Dept of Health Services 2001). Families living in crowded housing, single parent households and migrant families impacted by multiple economic problems are identified as high-risk groups for such problems as depression, family violence teen pregnancy, food insecurity and substance abuse. Two out of ten Latino youth report using alcohol recently and one in ten has recently used illegal drugs. (Destino Health Report, Fall 2003). Latino youth are a high risk of teen obesity (Destino Health Report, Fall 2003).

In spite of the negative demographics, the two communities work hard to provide a healthy family environment for all residents. There are numerous service clubs, active government groups and non profits working together to bring programs and services to the community. For more information check out the links to the Fillmore City Hall or Wikipedia.