Rooted Futures

posted Feb 7, 2011, 7:09 PM by Unknown user

The Rooted Futures start date is coming quickly upon us! 


Join us for a fun filled community project and collaboration with Join the Farm and FLA.

We will be taking a trip to Join the Farm and the Community Gardens in Oxnard. 

Saturday Feb. 12th  9am-11:00am work for the first site visit out to Join the Farm.
    Teens will tour the farm, observe and study the differences between our organic farm and operation and our neighboring conventional land, which will lend to discussion on the different parts of food system and how the pieces effect labor and environment. We will observe, discuss and harvest different plants for the teens to take home as their mini-csa box.   Recipe cards will be provided to the teens to fill out with a recipe they used to prepare items they harvested. 

Follow up Visit - 
Feb. 15th from 6-8pm
    During the follow up we will do some food system activities, reflect on what the teens experienced on the farm, and talk about how the teens used the vegetables.  Join the Farms nutritionist Alise will prepare a dish with the teens using the same items from the mini-csa box. 

Saturday, March 12th 9:00-11:00am
In March, teens will visit Community Roots garden Oxnard.  There, they'll learn about and tend an herb garden with some of the community gardeners.  The gardeners will share their traditional herb knowledge with the teens.  The teens will experience how community gardens transmit and bring alive the rich knowledge and experiences of the gardeners.  Antonio Sanchez of Nopalito Native Plant Nursery will also be at the garden to share how Chumash used native plants for healing and health.  The students will take a native plant home.    Follow up visit Tuesday, March 15th from 6pm-8m?

Thursday, April 12th 6-8pm
In April we'll meet for larger reflections and discussions on the separate pieces the teens participated in and how their experiences connect to the larger themes of community and land connections.  We'll be brainstorming ideas for their final advocacy project also. 

If you are interested in participating in Rooted Futures, stop by the One Step Center and pick up a permission slip!!!!!