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Behavioral Health

Everyone needs someone to listen to them sometimes.  The One Step Center is one of the places you can can to to get help.   Talk with the staff and, if you (or your child) are 0-18 and are feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, excessively worried, talk with the staff about getting a referral to see a clinician at the Fillmore Options Program.  Norma will help you fill out all of the forms and even go with you to the office on HWY 126 if you would like her to.  Don't be shy or embarrassed.  If you are sick or have a broken bone, you go to the doctor.  If you're feeling concerned or anxious, you should go to a behavioral health clinician for help.

Sometimes youth just need a place to go and person to listen to them, some activities to keep them involved.  That's why the One Step Center is a prevention and early intervention program.  It is a place to go to get help before it gets more serious.  Let us help you!  Tell us your concerns.


Triple P

Triple P is a system of easy to implement, proven parenting solutions that helps solve current parenting problems and prevents future problems before they arise.

Triple P is....
  • multi-level and organized for population dissemination
  • intended for the prevention of social, emotional and behavioral problems in childhood, the prevention of child maltreatment, and the strengthening of parenting and parental confidence
  • supported by a strong and growing evidence base
  • tailorable to family needs through flexible formats and delivery
One Step has 2 certified Triple P practitioners.  If you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact One Step A La Vez for more information.