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Social Justice Groups & Committees

Our committees encourage teens to have a voice in Fillmore and Piru.  Our youth discuss what areas need change and then work hard to improve their community.  If a teen has an idea about a change they want to see and help make happen in their community, they are invited to come to the One Step Board of Directors to discuss their concerns and plans.  The Board listens, asks questions and decides if the particular concern fits within the mission of One Step a la Vez.  The OSALV Board sponsors community activism training each year that such features as:  public speaking, learning how to advocate effectively, building partnerships, meeting management.

The current social justice committees and their goals are detailed below.

 The Social Justice Diversity Group (Now Equality Q & A)
making a lunch presentation at 
Fillmore High School:

  • Transportation Committee This committee works to improve transportation between Fillmore and Piru.  This group meets regularly and attends/speaks to the city's Transportation Commission in order to: 1) establish a fixed bus route between Fillmore-Rancho Sespe-Piru; 2) establish fixed bus stops for the route.   The committee feels that regular fixed bus service will improve the community's ability to access services, and may even save enough money that the hours of service could be extended.  This group meets most Tuesdays at 3:30pm.
  • Food Access Committee  Bringing low cost, fresh, local fruits and vegetables to the residents of Fillmore/Piru is the primary goal.  The group worked to establish a Food Share food distribution in Fillmore which is held the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month at 4pm at the One Step Center serving 150- 200 people each distribution.  At present, the Food Committee is looking at how to extend the number of persons who receive food distribution and increase knowledge in the community about the benefits of eating healthfully.
  • Social Equality Club  This committee looks to reduce bullying of youth in our schools and larger community with particular concern for LGBTQIA youth; to empower youth with better stress management and coping skills and to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues; to examine the intersections of injustice; and to look at ways to improve quality of life through both personal and systemic change. This group meets most Wednesdays during the school year at lunch on the Fillmore High School Campus.
  • Pride Project Support Group This support group meets the last Friday of each moneht at the One Step Center at 7pm and is an activities based wellness group and safe space for LGBTQ+ youth and their allies.
  • Way of Council A communication circle based on Native American traditions.  Youth take turns speaking and practicing deep listening with each other on prompts provided by One Step staff and the youth participants.
  • Leadership Board The youth Leadership Board helps shape programming and makes decisions about the One Step center in collaboration with the Site Director.  The Leadership Board meets on Monday at the center during the school year.
  • House Farm Workers Committee This committee looks at the importance of agriculture in our community and more specifically at the challenges farm workers often face in finding affordable and livable housing.

Do you have a concern for the communities of Fillmore and Piru that you feel needs to be addressed and you would like support to do it?  If so, identify the need and the possible solution and come to the One Step Board meeting to share your idea.  If the group agrees to support your idea, you will be included in the community activism training that the youth sponsor each year!