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Teens have a voice in Fillmore and Piru.  They discuss what areas need to be changed and they work hard to improve their community.  If a teen has an idea about a change that needs to happen in their community and they want help with making that change, they are invited to come to the One Step Board of Directors to discuss their concern and their plans.  The Board listens, asks questions and decides if that particular concern fits within the Board's recognized need for social justice.  The Board sponsors community activism training each year that such features as:  public speaking, learning how to advocate effectively, building partnerships, meeting
management.  The present social justice committees are:

 The Social Justice Diversity Group
making a lunch presentation at 
Fillmore High School:

  • Transportation:  Goal: To improve transportation between Fillmore and Piru:  This group meets regularly and attends/speaks to the Transportation Commission in order to: 1) establish a fixed bus route between Fillmore-Rancho Sespe-Piru; 2) establish fixed bus stops for the route.  The committee feels that this solution will improve service and might even save enough money that the hours of service could be extended.
  • Diversity Club:  Goal:  To reduce bullying of youth at both Fillmore High School and Fillmore Middle School, with particular concern for LGBTQIA youth.  This club works with the Ventura County Rainbow Alliance to identify ways to meet the needs of youth of diversity and their allies.  They meet regularly.  Last year they sponsored the first Day of Silence at Fillmore High School to demonstrate the difficulty of keeping something secret.
  • Food Committee:  Goal:  To bring low cost, fresh, local fruits and vegetables to the residents of Fillmore/Piru.  The group originally worked to bring a Farmer's Market to Fillmore as well as to establish a food distribution center.  Both goals have been accomplished.  The first Farmers' Market began Sept 3, 2010 and the youth have been distributing Food Share produce bi-weekly since September of 2009 to approximately 150 people.  At present, the Food Committee is looking at ways to extend the knowledge of the Farmers' Market to the Latino community and extend the number of persons who receive the food distribution.
  • AB540 Group:  Goal:  To inform undocumented youth of their rights.  This committee sponsored three evening talks for youth and their families to find out about how to enroll in college and get financial aide.  In addition, the group creates a flier for the High School counselors to distribute when they are counseling all youth.
  • SuperFund Clean Up Site:  Goal:  To get the superfund site cleaned up.  The site is north of hwy 126 and east of Pole Creek.  Recently there has been evidence of a plume of contaminated soil from the the Superfund Site.  This might indicate a contamination of the under ground water sources.  This group is just forming.
  • Anti-Tobacco Committee:  Goal:  To reduce tobacco sold to underage youth.  This committee is working with Ventura County Public Health staff to evaluate the present businesses which sell tobacco products to youth .  The committee plans to go to the Fillmore City Council and the Ventura Board of Supervisors to establish procedures to severely penalize those businesses.
  • ?  Do you have a concern for the communities of Fillmore and Piru that you feel needs to be addressed and you would like support to do it?  If so, identify the need and the possible solution and come to the One Step Board meeting to share your idea.  If the group agrees to support your idea, you will be included in the community activism training that the youth sponsor each year!